This media fundraiser successfully raised its funding target on 21 March 2013.

TPPA Awareness Poster Fundraiser

A poster campaign to illuminate the deep problems with the TPPA, aiming to build awareness and resistance to it.

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New Zealand

Partnership for Transparent Trade Agreements (PTTA)

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National’s prepared to sign away the fundamental rights of every New Zealander - the right to affordable medicine, open internet access, a secure financial system, recognition of the treaty and more - in exchange for mild trade barrier reductions.

Despite the awful impact the TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) will have on every New Zealander, hardly anyone knows it exists. Please support us in raising the small amount of money needed to run an attention grabbing poster campaign that will get the message out there. It's still not too late for New Zealand to pull out.

These are the posters we would like to run. They're big, bold and condense the expected effects of the TPPA into an easily understood format. Click the image to see larger versions of the posters.

We have a responsibility to let people know what our government is doing behind their backs. We have a responsibility to future generations to do everything in our power to prevent this agreement from being signed.

Please, pitch in a few dollars to help get these posters out in the public domain. Let people know what they stand to lose. It’s too important to sit by and let our country be signed away with the stroke of a pen.

The more we raise, the more posters we can print and paste!

What is the TPPA?

The TPPA would prevent New Zealand from determining its own laws and ensuring the welfare of its citizens. It would make us forever bound to the interests of foreign corporations and the unfair laws of the United States.

Got a great poster idea?

If you have an idea for an attention grabbing poster that really sticks it to the TPPA, we'd love to see it! Click the button below to send us a copy.

Media Products

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Phantom Billstickers - 100 Digital A3 Posters - One Centre - One week of activity
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Goal and Reasons

A goal is the driving force for a project and represents the campaigner’s desired outcome. Reasons provide the justification for why this outcome is necessary.


To raise $277 for a poster campaign around Auckland, to illuminate the deep problems with the content and process of the TPPA and to build awareness and resistance to it.

The campaign will fund the placement of 100 A3 posters around Auckland, designed to provoke and make the reader aware what consequences the TPPA could have for them.


  • The TPPA is negotiated in secret - but is far reaching in effect. It is so much more than a trade agreement. It includes submissions of NZ sovereign law (in lowest common denominator labour and industry standards). And thus the negotiations should be transparent.

    Secret agreements are not democratic.

  • The TPPA in New Zealand would effectively be the most drastic law changes this Government would have made - but it does not have to pass through a parliamentary vote (only discussion and reccomendation) to be ratified. Only cabinet need approve it.

    This is not democratic.

  • The potential of the TPPA to have negative effects on New Zealand society are huge. We should not let it slip into law unnoticed. Similar agreements have been struck down simply by force of awareness and dominating public opinion.


A stakeholder is any person or organisation who can directly influence an issue. The stakeholders listed below have been selected by the campaigner and are invited to declare their official position on this issue.

  • Span1s_russel_20norman

    Russel Norman

    Co-Leader of the New Zealand Green Party - New Zealand

    Russel has not made a response yet
  • Span1s_tim_20groser

    Tim Groser

    Minister of Trade - New Zealand

    Tim has not made a response yet
  • Span1s_winston_20peters

    Winston Peters

    Member of Parliament - New Zealand

    Winston has not made a response yet
  • Span1s_maryan_20street

    Maryan Street

    Member of Parliament - New Zealand

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  • Span1s_kennedy_20graham

    Kennedy Graham

    Member of the New Zealand Green Party - New Zealand

    Kennedy has not made a response yet
  • Span1s_john_20key

    John Key

    Prime Minister - New Zealand

    John has not made a response yet
  • Span1s_nzctu

    New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU)

    New Zealand

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      Helen Kelly

      New Zealand

      Helen has not made a response yet


The following facts have been submitted by the campaigner to provide sound evidence for their position. These facts and their references have not been verified by One Big Voice.

The sections of the agreement referenced in the overview come from the leaked draft text of the TPPA.

More information at:


The campaigner has made requests for the following information or support. If you can provide any of these, please send a message to the campaigner through their user profile.

The publication of the full and current text of the agreement.



Here's how the posters looked on Symonds St! Thank you all for working against the TPPA and showing Auckland that we're not going to sit idly by when Pharmac, GM labelling, Te Tiriti, smokefree initiatives, legal sovereignty and internet freedom (and more) are under threat of compromise!


Posters are up around Auckland this week leading up to the international day of action on Saturday! Keep an eye out.


We've booked in the poster campaign with Phantom Billstickers - and between us fundraising above our target and Phantom donating 50 extra - we'll have 170 posters up around Auckland. And seeing as the next round of negotiations starts on May 11th in Peru - which is also the nominated international day of action on the TPPA, we've delayed the posters going up by a couple of weeks to sychronise them with other coverage for maximum effect.


We reached our goal! Thank you for being proactive about the TPPA!

Any extra that's put in will just go to more posters for more visibility!


Less than $50 left to raise with one day to go! Please send this fundraiser to any friends, family or colleagues who might be keen to help make this secret agreement visible. We're almost there!


We're more than halfway there, just over $100 to go! Please share and let people who you think will be keen to help out know about it so we can get these posters up ASAP!

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